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Psychological counseling for cleft families

Regular psychological treatment offered in La Paz

Jiwaqui psychologists David Bautista and Norah Mamani offer psychological counseling sessions for cleft families every Wednesday in Jiwaqui's office in La Paz.

It is not only the cleft child that suffers the emotional consequences of cleft, but also the parents often have to endure mocking or exclusion by their community because their child's deformation. David and Norah counsel the parents, if necessary, including all family members or only working with the cleft child, as needed. Both therapists are highly committed to improving the lives of cleft children. During surgical missions they prepare the parents for their child's surgery and offer psychological counseling to families in far off regions.

A therapy session usually lasts from 45 minutes to one hour. Sessions to prepare the patient and family for surgery usually take one hour to an hour and a half because a lot of parents are very worried about the deformation itself or have very negative beliefs about it. In some cases they distrust the doctors and are not sure if they really should have their child treated.

About 60% of our patients attend psychological counselling regularly in La Paz.

If you are interested in this service please call David of Jiwaqui Bolivia under +591 6247 7720