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Language therapy available in La Paz

Cleft often leads to problems with pronunciation. Organs used to form of sounds, particularly the lips, the maxilla and the alveolar process, and the palate, are damaged. The problems can persist after the cleft is closed, since the cleft patient has gotten used to using the damaged organs and has to relearn using them after the repair.

For patients with such problems, Jiwaqui speech therapists Claudia Bautista Mamani, Shirley Yhasmin Bautista Huaycho, Mariana Adriana Montes Herrera and María Elena Calani Peñaranda offer regular speech therapy sessions in La Paz at the Jiwaqui office. A therapy session usually lasts 30-45 minutes.

To make an appointment please call Claudia Bautista under +591 77526449.