Our services in Bolivia

Our Mission

The goal of Cleft Bolivia is to provide treatment to Cleft children even in the poorest and most remote regions of the country, where no treatment would otherwise be available. To achieve this, our surgeons travel around the country performing surgeries at local hospitals. So if you or a family member are suffering from Cleft, no matter where in Bolivia you are, please contact us now! We may be able to provide free treatment to you.

Our services

Our services in Bolivia are provided by two organizations. Jiwaqui, founded in 2015 by pediatric surgeon Dr. Adolfo Mamani, treats cleft patients in Bolivia with an interdisciplinary team of motivated medical professionals. They have performed hundreds of surgeries, 200 in 2018 alone. Their office in La Paz also serves as a first contact point for patients and location for follow-up consultations.

Cleft Bolivia Amar y Sanar, based in Tarija, was founded by plastic surgeon Dr. Mario Villalba. It aims to help people suffering from cleft lip and palate by providing free medical initial care of affected children through the necessary operation. Dr Villalba operates on up to 100 children every year, 57 in 2018.

How we help

Besides surgeons, the organizations also employ the other specialists needed to treat Cleft and its effects, such as dentists, psychologists, and speech therapists. Dental intervention can be necessary after the surgical correction of the Cleft. Psychological care can help for example children not operated immediately after birth, to cope with the experience of years of looking different. Speech therapy can treat pronunciation problems that children often acquire when they learn to speak while suffering from Cleft and that do not fully disappear after the Cleft is repaired.

Another important aspect of our work is education and increasing awareness of Cleft in the population.

Where we help

The teams undertake surgical campaigns in the whole country, offering care to their patients and performing awareness and education work. Click here to watch a video of a recent Jiwaqui surgical and awareness mission to the mining city of Oruro with a team including Dr. Mamani, a maxillofacial surgeon, an anaesthesiologist, an orthodontist and four nurses and other supporting personnel.

The Cleft Bolivia Amar y Sanar team also travels to remote regions of the country, treating children from the surrounding lowland Bolivian rainforest in the city of Trinidad, or operating in the Andes mountains city of Cochabamba.

The next major goal is to establish a permanent comprehensive Cleft care center in La Paz. So no matter where in Bolivia you live, there may be care available near you. So contact us!